I’m Back!


Hey everyone. It has been almost two weeks since my last post. I apologize for the lapse. Being a blogger is something I squeeze in between the other things I do. My primary occupation is being a mom to two sons. My younger son has a Sensory Processing Disorder, and so I have more demands on my time and energy than the average mom.

Especially when my kid gets sick. And then I get sick. With a strep infection. Yikes. Writing cogent posts on an iPod Touch is just too much when you have a fever, and swallowing feels like eating glass. I really just wanted to punch people, a lot! It sucked. 🙂

Now that everyone in the Velvet household is well, and we are getting caught up on missed school work, I can get back to writing! I have a few posts brewing — a book review, a movie review, and some thoughts on the power of language. I spent a lot of my sick time reading about Jonestown, so I’ll have more thoughts on that tragedy, and cults in general.

Of course, scientology is always good for some laughs, or some outrage; and commenting on Tony Ortega’s blog is a lot of fun. You can always find me there.

Look for a new post from me later today…


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