…thoughts on Love


“Self-portrait #6″
1995 – by the Author
pastel on sandpaper, 24″x36”


Love is not something you can define; love is the thing that defines you. Love is what you are made of, and all that you can ever know. The story of creation, of this material realm, of duality, of yin and yang, is a love story. A tale of two with a passionate commitment to Union, however that may unfold.

Love is not a feeling of need or hunger or pleasure; it is not a shiny thing to chase and manipulate, to inflate your childish ego and it’s “happiness”. Love is our natural state, which we can come to know at any time. Anyone or anything you crave or chase out of “love” is evidence of your confusion, rather than your passion. What has that confusion cost you, and those around you? Count the cost, as a lesson to be careful in such matters, and move on in the knowledge that love was always yours to claim…


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