Here comes the apocalypse?


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β€Ž10 days to go until December 21; does it really matter? I am too busy preparing for family celebrations, and winter break for an eleven year-old boy, to spend much time thinking about it. But this article, from the Daily Telegraph, shows that many people are thinking about it, and they are scared.

How bizarre. I mean, you all know that a calendar is an artificial human construct, right? A mental projection of our linear process of perception and our desire for continued survival? We use them to get a handle on the passage of time, and to keep track of the many natural cycles which affect our mundane lives. Why would the Mayans be any different? Why would anyone, ever, expect the elements of creation to conform to an artificial structure; one that says plenty about our current understanding of the nature of things, but absolutely nothing about the objective reality of existence?

[That would be a kind of unquestioned faith in numbers and calculations that could lead to upsetting things, like crazy beliefs in invisible agents and substances — call them, oh, “dim matter” and “dim energy”. Imperceptible things that we must accept on faith in order to cling to our theories, because our calculations demand it. Wouldn’t that be crazy? Oh, wait… ]

But I digress.
I guess this is not as obvious as I would like to think. Or maybe we humans are just easily spooked. Remember 1999? How many of you stockpiled supplies for Y2K? Be honest! Did civilization collapse? Do you still have some 13 year old bottled water and canned food stored somewhere? There are more than a few people out there who do, I’m sure.

Here’s my advice:
LOVE, AND FEAR NOT. That’s all.
Put your worry away, and do something to make the future a better place for everyone.

Here’s a little perspective from that article in the Daily Telegraph:

“Mayans themselves reject any notion that the world will end. Pedro Celestino Yac Noj, a Mayan sage, burned seeds and fruits to mark the end of the old calender at a ceremony in Cuba. He said: ‘The 21st is for giving thanks and gratitude and the 22nd welcomes the new cycle, a new dawn.'”

Get it now?

And, much joy to you all in the season of Light!


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