Still Watching…

“Clairvoyance”. Digital sketch, by the author, 2014

Venusia Blog is back!

We have been dormant here for more than a year. Cult-watching is not my only vocation, or even my primary one. I am an artist and I have been happily occupied learning a new medium — digital painting. I am also a mom, and a wife, and daughter, and a friend — these things have happily occupied my time as well. So much so that I simply could not justify dedicating the time necessary for writing blog posts that would be worth reading. I have maintained the blog, tracking comments, etc. So far, the posts I have written have aged well — I still think they are worth your time, and I encourage any new visitors to read them all. I was content to let those posts stand, while life kept me busy in other ways.

But, I have not forgotten about the cult known as scientology, and the evil they continue to do in the world. Everyday I check in with the Underground Bunker, Tony Ortega’s blog on scientology current events, practices and policies, and wild and wooly history. I have read several books, and written several articles that are ready for posting in the near future, and I have a lot to share with all of you on the subject of scientology, and other subjects seemingly related and unrelated. There is plenty to write about on the subject of the COS. What a year the cult has had! So many court cases are pending against Narconon. And scientology brought back the legendary retinue of lawyers when Monique Rathbun filed suit against several “church” entities, seeking relief from the relentless harassment she has suffered simply because the cult leader David Miscavige is mad at her husband, Marty.

There are a lot of things for us to talk about and look at in the ongoing saga of this abusive cult. I am looking forward to spending the summer sharing the ride with all of you good folks out there.




Who is Chocolate Velvet?


Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I a scientology watcher? These are all good questions. But mostly, it is none of your goddamn business. (Yep, I swear. A lot) You might like to know shit about me, because you imagine you can use it to respond to my comments and posts. Well, fuck that. My opinions are just that; my opinions. They stand or fall on their own merits.

I will explain at some point why I am involved in the information wars about cults. For now, suffice to say that I have encountered people in my time working, studying, and living in Boulder who have been deeply damaged. None of these people had or wanted name recognition. They were just trying to detach from something that was harming them. In my process of caring about them and helping them, I have come to recognize the need to stop the harm at the “source”. THIS is why I have something to say.

I am not a “deprogrammer”, and nobody would recognise my name as a part of this stupid Rodeo. It is just that I am quite gifted at dealing with trauma, and my low profile makes me a safe person to turn to. That is exactly the way I like it. My life has taken me in other directions now anyway. I have no clients at the moment, and no interest in reviving my practice. My energy is devoted to being a mother and artist, and that works for me. I keep my identity a bit obscure online anyway. I just prefer it that way (and my hubby insists on it). If you are reading this blog and that is a problem for you, get over it. If you really needed to know, you already would…