•”Venus Amaris” is a state of mind that I like to hang out in sometimes.

•”Venusia” is my word for all the lovely things traditionally associated with this goddess in mythology and astrology: art, beauty, love, sexuality and romance, the psyche, sensuality and pleasure, wisdom and understanding, etc. The blossoming feminine, the ascendent yin, the maiden goddess: Venusia. With a little bit of Kali-ma in the mix. Whatever subject I blog about here, my point of view comes from there. So — Venusia Blog.

•”Know the Goddess…” if you haven’t met her. Her name is Sophia, allow me to introduce you…


[ FYI: I write and publish this entire blog on an iPod Touch. (It’s not a matter of principle, I just don’t have a working computer.) So please bear with me if things are a bit, er, clumsy sometimes.

Update: I got an iPad! I can be a much better blogger now.]


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