Lunopolis — hilarious, weird, and a special treat for scientology watchers!


There are people on the moon, and they’re watching us. They have mastered time travel, but no one knows how. Except the Church of Lunology, and their CEO Daniel Muscadine.

If you are a scientology watcher, or love clever spoofs, you will love Lunopolis. It is a funny, quirky, pointed spoof of the found-footage genre of movies and the church of scientology and their whacky cosmology. The film is built around some video shot by a group of guys who stumble on some bizarre technology in a strange underground installation in the middle of the bayou. As they attempt to understand what they have found, they become entangled in a game of cat and mouse between a mysterious man who gives them information, and a strange group belonging to the “Church of Lunology”. The church seems to be just another kooky new religion, but there is much more to it than that. A mysterious green moonstone, some crazy pseudo-science, and the unbelievable fate of Lunology founder “J Ari Hilliard” are at the center of things.

With it’s headquarters in Redwater, the COL has been safekeeping powerful secrets of time travel and immortality for decades. They are a secretive organization with a shiny logo, and security practices that will look very familiar to scientology watchers. But our heroes have something they want, which gives them leverage in their confrontation with CEO Muscadine. The ensuing struggle for control of the moonstone, resulting in an “extinction level event” and the creation of an alternate timeline, is delightfully weird and convoluted.

Overall, this is a great movie that does not deserve the ignominy of “straight to DVD”. It is funny, inventive, and fast-paced. An extra-special treat for sci-watchers, this movie is very pointed in it’s parody of the COS. I highly recommend you check it out! Look for the movie on Netflix streaming, or DVD, as well as various places on the web, including You Tube.

Trailer: here


1 thought on “Lunopolis — hilarious, weird, and a special treat for scientology watchers!

  1. this movie is so much like a dream a had, every time I think about it my hair stands up.
    It`s definitely a very interesting movie with info that must be taken seriously .

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